25. Lions and Tigers and Stitches, Oh My!

Actress Tippi Hedren and her husband, producer Noel Marshall, while in Africa, see a house that’s been taken over by a pride of lions. This sparks the idea to make a movie. A movie about a pride of lions that taken over a house, but with a family still inside. And they decided to make this movie using their own family.
The movie, Roar, becomes a lengthy odyssey that costs them nearly everything including their lives. Using over 100 untrained animals (mainly lions) causes lots of on set problems. Tippi breaks a leg, her daughter (actress Melanie Griffith) needs facial reconstruction surgery, and many cast and crew members are bitten and injured along the way.
This episode of The Industry looks at the crazy but true history of Roar, with help from John Marshall, Robert Primes, and Drafthouse Films founder Tim League.



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