16. How To Slice A Sicilian

Director Michael Cimino has a complicated history. As Oscar and Razzie winner who only made seven films, Cimino frequently found himself struggling with producers to get his vision out.

When the producers of The Sicilian felt his version was too long he used his final cut clause to give them something else. It wasn’t a good idea.


Show Notes


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Cover Art by Kat Manderfield http://katmanderfield.com

Music by Jingle Punks, Josh Lippe and the Overtimers, and Kevin MacLeod.

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15. The Rebellion of Jamaa Fanaka

Jamaa Fanaka was the most prolific college filmmaker of all time. Once he left college he found Hollywood to not be so inclusive. He decided to fight the industry with a series of lawsuits that would ultimately cost him his career.

Filmmakers Zeinabu Davis, Lexi Alexander, and Maria Giese help tell this story along with Jamaa’s attorney Irving Meyer.



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Cover Art by Kat Manderfield http://katmanderfield.com

Music in this episode was by Silent Partner, Quincas Moreira, and Verified Picasso.

14. He Really Was That Masked Man

On paper it was a great idea. Bringing the iconic character of The Lone Ranger to the silver screen should have brought with it good feelings of classic television, Americana, and just plain ole nostalgia. However, when producers decided to ice out Clayton Moore, the man who was behind the mask for years on television, they found themselves in fight with the Lone Ranger fan base itself. On the set of the new Lone Ranger movie issues also abound with the new masked man.

Dawn Moore, Clayton Moore’s daughter and actor Michael Horse help tell this story of nostalgia gone wrong.


Show Notes

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Cover Art by Kat Manderfield http://katmanderfield.com

13. No Mr. Bond, I Expect You In Court

The James Bond series has been going for over 50 years. In that time the MI:6 agent has fought many villains. However, for many fans of the series, 007’s greatest villain might have been off screen. Producer Kevin McClory helped create the “cinematic Bond” and then spent most of the rest of his life trying to claim him for himself.


Show Notes


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Cover Art Kat Manderfield http://www.katmanderfield.com/


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12. The (Almost But Not Quite) Return of Billy Jack

In the 1970’s actor Tom Laughlin helped change the industry with his advertising and distribution ideas for his Billy Jack series. In the 1980’s he planned a comeback movie and another potential industry game changer, this time for home video. It did not go according to plan.

Robin Hutton, Laughlin’s former assistant and an author, helps tell the story of Laughlin’s attempted return.


Show Notes


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Other Links

Sgt. Reckless – Book by Robin Hutton https://sgtreckless.com/Reckless/Welcome.html

Cover Art by Kat Manderfield http://www.katmanderfield.com/


11. The Dino De Laurentiis Million Dollar Giveaway

Robertino Yanzanny was just a teenager in Puerto Rico when he fell in love with the movies and developed an admiration for super producer Dino De Laurentiis.

De Laurentiis left a huge impression in The Industry. Big successes and big flops and big risks were his standard. When Dino opened his own studio in the 1980s things did not go exactly according to plan. Then he had an idea. It involved garbage bags.

Yanzanny helps tell the story of what it was like to work with De Laurentiis during this time and his encounter with De Laurentiis after he had died.


Show Notes


THE MEDIA BUSINESS; De Laurentiis Entertainment Seeks Chapter 11 Protection – NY Times – Aug. 17, 1988 https://www.nytimes.com/1988/08/17/business/the-media-business-de-laurentiis-entertainment-seeks-chapter-11-protection.html

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Cover Art by Kat Manderfield https://katmanderfield.com/


10. The Great Gleason Pivot

Jackie Gleason is an entertainment legend. He’s one guy who truly did it all. Movies, Broadway, conducted his own orchestra (!), and most of all television. He even allegedly saw aliens.

That doesn’t mean the guy didn’t make any mistakes. In 1961 Gleason made a huge mistake when, after a couple of years away from television, he returned with a embarrassingly bad game show. How he handled that situation was unheard of.



Eyes Of A Generation…Television’s Living History – December 20, 1954…Jackie Glea$on & Buick $ign Large$t Ever TV Deal             

LA Times: Come Back Little Reggie… Van Gleason Needs Help, January 23, 1961

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Video of You’re In The Picture and Apology 



Love Struck by E’s Jammy Jams
Bongo Madness by Quincas Moreira
Gaiety In The Golden Age by Aaron Kenny
Airport Lounge – Disco Ultralounge by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)
Hep Cats by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)


Promotional picture for You’re In The Picture

Newspaper ad for You’re In The Picture from 1961.

National Enquirer article about Jackie Gleason, Nixon, and Aliens from 1983.

9. The Ballad of Coy and Vance

The Dukes of Hazzard was a top ten show heading into its fifth season. That’s when a report came out revealing just how much the show had earned in merchandising. And that’s when the stars of that show realized how much they weren’t getting. In this episode of The Industry we take a look at the contract dispute that led to two replacements joining a top ten show and how that show would never be in the top ten again. Byron Cherry (Coy Duke) helps tell the story of Coy and Vance.

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Show Notes

People Magazine, August 9, 1982 – https://people.com/archive/this-hazzard-feud-is-real-the-tv-show-puts-up-its-new-dukes-as-bo-and-luke-walk-out-vol-18-no-6/ 

The Dukes of Hazard: The Unofficial Companion – https://books.google.com/books?id=VHV5iZH9uG4C&authuser=0




8. Staring at the Sunn

Aliens, mountain men, and Jesus were the stars of the day for Sunn Classic Pictures. Throughout the 1970s, Sunn Classic proved to be a highly successful independent movie studio, cranking out pseudo-documentaries and G rated nature themed movies like it was going out of style. They used unique methods to get their ideas and to get their movies out to the public. The Industry takes a look at the history of the company that specialized in inventing history.

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Show Notes


The Washington Post: A G Rated Success Story

Here Comes The Sunn – Rob Nelson: 

Sunn Classic Pictures: how Hollywood introduced America to fake history.

Second Decade Off Topic: The Sunn Also Rises.

Mormons, Aliens, and Dan Haggerty: The (Mostly) True Story of Sunn Classic Pictures


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Dead Drop by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)
Additional Music in this episode was by Francis Preve, Biz Baz Studio, Drew Banga.